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Jwala Gutta | Imran Khan | Aamir Khan SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Imran Khan Perfectionist mamu ka perfectionist bhanja. Guess having Aamir Khan in the family has its own advantages. And as far as Imran Khan is concerned, Aamir's 'perfectionist' attitude seems to have rubbed off on the young actor as well. Recently, Khan Jr was in town for the promotion of his upcoming flick, "Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu" co-staring Kareena Kapoor. And as usual, chaos reigned in Hyderabad. While most of us are used to the disruptions and lack of proper organization at most city events, it was difficult for the actor to keep up with the confusion. It all began with the press conference starting two hours behind schedule. While chaos reigned supreme at the venue over Imran's no show, once there, he put on his perfectionist hat to make sure everything was running smoothly. From reprimanding the photographers for being unruly, to organizing a better way to do the photo-op, Imran was at his best. "Please don't fall on one another. Aap please thoda peeche chale jaaye, unko bhi photo lena hai," the actor tried his best to accommodate the requests of photographers. "Now I'm officially blind," he joked when finally the shutterbugs had stopped clicking. Meanwhile, a fan managed to come up near the actor during the Q&A session with the media. "Why are you wearing a beard?" she asked. "It's for my next film," replied Imran thinking the lady was part of the media contingent present. "Could you please pose for a picture for my son? We are your fans," said the lady next. "Ma'am, you're not from the media, I guess. I think it's really disrespectful when you do this while the media is here for a Q&A session with me," said a pretty miffed Imran, while the organizers had no control over who was getting into the venue. Earlier, Iman was scheduled to unveil a calendar at the venue. But it did not happen as the production house claimed there was no such contract with them. The organizers then got ace shuttler Jwala Gutta , who was present at the venue, to unveil it.