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suits | Satellite SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Aamir Khan Aamir Khan's ambitious project Delhi Belly, which created a whirlwind of controversy for its bold and explicit content, has encountered yet another roadblock. The film, which hit theatres on July 1, 2011, has reportedly been denied a U/A certification by the censor board for its TV premiere. Mumbai Mirror has learnt that despite director Abhinay Deo's attempts to re-edit and re-dub the content of the film to suit the guidelines of TV censorship, the board has been adamant about their decision to stall the satellite release. A source close to the censor board told us that the actor decided to deal with the board himself and resolve the issue. "The censor board had given Delhi Belly an A certification for its silver screen release. That time, Aamir had thanked the board for their decision to keep the content of the film relatively intact. However, the guidelines for TV are far more stringent. The last time the film was scrutinized by the board, they were of the opinion that it was not appropriate for family viewing and made roughly 17 to 18 cuts. They had asked the filmmakers to make further changes to the film," explained the source. With the censor board's demands, Aamir decided to pay the revising committee a visit yesterday when the film was screened for the second time. "He had requested for a U/A certificate, which is required to screen a film on TV, but returned disappointed as it was rejected by the censor board," the source added. When contacted, J P Singh from the censor board confirmed their decision to deny the film a U/A certification. Aamir's official spokesperson told us, "On our end, we want to do as much as possible to ensure that the final version of the film suits the censor board guidelines as well as pleases the viewers. We intend to make whatever changes the censor board has asked us to make."