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Rajesh Khattar | Race 2 | Jacqueline Fernandez | Deepika Padukone | Deepika | Bollywood | Ameesha Patel SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Deepika Padukone and Rajesh Khattar More Pics More than the lead actors, one person beaming from ear to ear after learning about Deepika Padukone's re-entry in Race 2 is Rajesh Khattar , who has featured in movies like Don and Don 2. Khattar has known Deepika from her days before she entered Bollywood and tasted glamour. He was happy to know that he was going to work with her and had shot for a few scenes with her before all the talk of Deepika leaving the movie started. But now she is back on board and the entire cast is looking forward to their next schedule abroad. Well with a bevy of beauties like Deepika, Jacqueline Fernandez , Ameesha Patel on board, who wouldn't be?