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Vikram Malhotra | London | Friends | Bipasha Basu | abhishek bachchan SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Bipasha Basu No she hasn't been declared the head of any Indian state. Nor is her birthday a national affair. However, Bipasha Basu's birthday celebrations, which falls on January 7, will be an 11-day event. Says the Bengali bombshell, "I start travelling for the promotions of Players from December 26 until January 7. In fact, from January 5-7, I will be in London for the premiere of Players. I've told producer Vikram Malhotra that they have to celebrate my birthday everyday for the 11 days I'm on the promotional tour!" Bipasha adds that she's big on birthdays and loves to have her friends over. "I also want lots of gifts. Abhishek Bachchan , Sikander Kher and I are a gang. We are planning to have a party on most days." Bips will return to Mumbai on January 7 and have her family and friends over for a final party. Needless to say, 2012 will be a special year for Bips, who has Players (January 6) and Jodi Breakers (February 25) up for release.