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SRK | Neha Dhupia | entertainment | Bollywood | a camp SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Neha Dhupia More Pics Actor Neha Dhupia, who is credited for the famous line, 'Only sex and SRK sell' also says that "belonging" to a camp in Bollywood helps as one gets more and more work. Talking about spending eight long years in the entertainment industry here, Neha says, "I have worked for eight years in this industry. And yes, belonging to camps does help get work." So, which camp does she belong to? "I don't belong to any camps because I neither see nor feel the need to. I get work on my own worth and not because I belong to any camps. I believe if I am good, I will get work, that's it. Yes, there are camps in Bollywood and it does help, I wouldn't deny that."