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celebrity | Bollywood | Bipasha Basu SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Bipasha Basu We are all caring when it comes to people we know, but despite being a celebrity, reaching out to a commoner is one thing that not many are capable of. At a recent event, a lady photographer tripped and fell down while shooting. It was a hectic shoot just like most celebrity event shoots are, but despite that our Bong beauty immediately reached out to the photographer. When you are Bipasha Basu one of the big league Bollywood stars, then people do not expect you to have time for some unknown media person, but the kind Bipasha's touching gesture really made the photographer's day. Bips was concerned and inquired the reason for the fall. She made the lens-woman sit down and asked about her hurt leg. "I was overwhelmed by the gesture. I did not expect at all that Bipasha would talk to me after I fell," said the photographer with a smile. Bipasha who is into fitness and exercising gave some tips away to the young photographer and not only that, later even gave some of the best shots to the girl too, who came away happy. Way to go Bips!