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Lucky | Junior B | beti B SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Aishwarya Rai Last Month, 16th november turned out to be a red letter day for the Bachchans, as Aishwarya Rai delivered a baby girl and a new member joined the family. But what is even more interesting is the fact that this newly born girl has not even turned a month old and astrologers are already predicting about her career and future. "Considering the date, time and child's place of birth, we have made the Janma-kundali, which seems very good," claims a renowned astrologer of the city Avinash Rai, adding, "The girl is born in the Punarvas Nakshatra which is considered to be one of the most auspicious periods. Rahu-Mercury and Venus are in the 12th house together and moon is in the 8th house in the horoscope, therefore, the girl will prove very lucky for the father, his stature will increase a lot. As per the kundali the girl can be named with a letter starting 'He' like in 'Heena'." However, another renowned astrologer with an experience of over 50 years into this field, highlights an altogether different aspect of the child's life. ""Since moon is aspecting the lagana and we have an exalted saturn is the horoscope, child will be very tall and beautiful. Her face will be round, she will grow up in foreign land and make a career in the field of art. The same field which her family belongs to. Besides, she will be highly qualified and will go for technical education. She is expected to earn more name, fame and money than the rest of the family."