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tom cruise | Mission Impossible | hollywood | Brad Pitt | Bipasha Basu SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Bipasha Basu More Pics Actress Bipasha Basu has been promoting her film 'Players' and is at the same time busy shooting 'Jodi Breakers' with Madhavan. However, her conspicuous absence at the premiere of Mission Impossible 4 that brought even Hollywood hunk down to Mumbai seems to have created a stir. When we got in touch with the actress and asked her why she didn't make it to the event when the entire team of 'Players' seemed to be there, she said, "I was shooting. I couldn't leave my work and just go off to meet someone or be somewhere." Bipasha added, "And why should I leave my work for a Tom Cruise ? I mean if Brad Pitt had come down, I would've surely considered it. But I'm not such a fan of Tom Cruise!" Talk about calling a spade a spade!