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Om Shivpuri | Muzammil Ibrahim | Hemant Birje | Edgar Rice Burroughs | Dalip Tahil | B Subhash SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Muzammil Ibrahim B Subhash, who made Hemant Birje famous as the jungle lover boy in his 1985 hit has decided The film had made the well-built, semi-clad Hemant Birje so famous, that the actor got more or less stereotyped as the modern day 'desi' Tarzan. B Subhash's 1985 rendition of the fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912 went on to top the charts. It launched Birje alongside Kimi Katkar. And now, the filmmaker has found his 21st Century Tarzan too. Mirror has learnt that B Subhash is all set to remake his former production with model-turned-actor Muzammil Ibrahim in the lead of a jungle hero. Talking about his new project, B Subhash told Mumbai Mirror, "I am remaking Tarzan in 3D. I am very excited. I will direct it myself since I know the graph of the film. With due respect to all other directors, I can proudly say that no one can make a better Tarzan than me. It was released in 1985. And it is a new challenge for me to present it in this period and generation." About Muzammil Ibrahim being the new age Tarzan in his venture, the filmmaker said, "I am talking to him but give me a few weeks to confirm the casting. Tarzan is a heroic character and everyone loves him for his innocence. We love the kind of person Tarzan is. Muzammil fits the bill. We are working out possibilities of him playing the lead." When contacted, the actor, who was last seen in Will You Marry Me? confirmed that he has indeed met B Subhash. "He wants me to play Tarzan to be shot in 3D. However, the entire project is in a very nascent stage. I can't say anything else. I haven't seen the old Tarzan yet." The film will go on floors in within the next couple of months. About tarzan In the film, Kimi's Ruby accompanies her rich dad deep into the jungles of India in search of a fabled tribe. The damsel in distress is rescued by Hemant's Tarzan and the two fall in love. Tarzan, who has no experience of the outside world, is captured and taken to a circus. Will he escape and join his sweetheart forms the substance of the climax. The film that also starred Dalip Tahil and Om Shivpuri , cost Subhash around Rs 3 crore at the time.