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Rajeev Masand|kumar mangat|Bittoo Boss SHARE AND DISCUSSTweet A still from Bittoo Boss More Pics Producer Kumar Mangat has won a long-running battle with the censor board with his film Bittoo Boss managing to garner a Parental Guidance (PG) rating, albeit with cuts. This is a first in the history of censorship in Indian cinema and a welcome change at that. "We are very happy with the new profile of the censor board and the new members who have come in. It is very essential to bring in changes in the censor panel. And including a cinema person such as film critic Rajeev Masand in the advisory committee is a very wise decision," said Kumar Mangat. According to a source, "Parental Guidance can only be recommended in India since we don't have it here. For the first time, an announcement on behalf of the censor board will be carried on hoardings saying for Bittoo Boss, it is recommended that children under 15 be accompanied by a parent." The censor board has even instructed the filmmakers about the size of the letters to be used for the announcement. Although, the censor board has requested that some objectionable dialogues be deleted before granting the rating, Mangat is happy to oblige. "I was pleased to make the changes that the censor board recommended and accept the PG certification instead of the Adults Only certification. The film has an important message for youth," the producer said.