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Shah Rukh Khan | Salman Khan | Ek Tha Tiger SHARE AND DISCUSS Tweet Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Let's be honest. Everyone wants to know what will go down if friends-turned-foes Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan ever come face to face. And last week, when that actually happened, something totally unexpected occured. Both Khans found themselves in the first class cabin of a Mumbai-Delhi flight recently. While Salman was travelling to the capital for a shoot of Ek Tha Tiger , SRK was going there to attend a brand-related event. The 'Bodyguard' was already in his seat when the 'Don' got onto the flight. And the minute SRK spotted his frenemy, he turned around and got off the flight without a word to anyone. A eyewitness reveals, "Salman was already on the flight with his entourage. Suddenly there was tension in the air. When he turned to see why, he saw SRK standing there. The minute the RA.One actor saw Salman, he began dialling on his mobile phone and walked out of the cabin." Shah Rukh's crew stayed back on the flight. It is learnt that he left for Delhi on a later flight. A source close to SRK says, "He didn't leave the flight on seeing Salman. He was slated to travel on a private jet, but at the last minute, there was a problem and he decided to go on a commercial flight. When he was on the flight, he got a call saying that the private jet was ready, so he chose to fly by that instead." After the incident, a person close to Salman put up a status update saying, "Bodyguard scared a Superhero away!"