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Actress Carey Mulligan says she prefers acting on the stage as opposed to in front of cameras. The 26-year-old, who has previously been nominated for an Oscar for her film An Education , said she sometimes struggles in films because she is not fond of cameras, reported Daily Mirror. "The closer a camera gets to me, the worse I am at acting, it completely throws me. The best moment of my career to date was doing The Seagull on Broadway. It was a couple of years ago, before all that stuff happened with An Education' . "Nothing's topped it, the feeling of being on that stage. It's so immediate and so consuming in a way that film isn't. Film's so stop and start and that often makes me act badly. But on stage I'm blinded by the lights," Mulligan said. However, the actress said she was very keen to win the role of eccentric Sissy in Steve McQueen's sex addiction movie Shame . "Steve kept trying to leave the meeting and I sat him back on his chair and said, 'What do I need to get this job?' I told him I felt a passionate desire to play the part." Tweet